Hello. I'm Gilbert. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and I love to share this beauty with others.

I was brought up in the heart of the northern countryside. I am the product of long walks with my parents, of endless hours playing in the fields or along river banks or exploring in rock pools, of wildflower spotting competitions and of the imaginary landscapes of C S Lewis' Narnia tales.

Photography, however, remained elusive. When I was young it seemed to be all about dark rooms and chemicals. I didn't fancy either! When colour film became the new normal, the results of my endeavours were generally disappointing - nothing like what I had seen each month on the pages of the National Geographic! I actually sold what camera gear I had acquired and gave it up entirely.

Then came the digital revolution. A whole new world of possibilities opened up and after a few years putting my toes in the water I found myself plunging right in. I am self-taught, which means that I have many teachers. I read widely, study the work of some of the great contemporary landscape photographers (Alain Briot, Bruce Percy, David Noton, David duChemin amongst others), take onlline courses and invest in occasional guided photographic expeditions.

The word 'photography' basically means writing with light. In this part of the world we enjoy a wonderful variety of light, especially at the beginning and ending of the day. I've become a weather watcher, a pre-dawn riser (even in the summer!) and a post-sunset figure on the empty beaches of the north coast. I love the small details in a scene: the colours of pebbles on the beach at sunset, the play of light and shade on a tree trunk, a single bird in a vast sky.

My aim is not to provide a factual representation of the landscape, a postcard to remind me where I've been. It is to capture moments when light transforms even the simplest scene with colour, depth, form and texture. Moments that few if any get to see or notice if they do. It is also to seek to recreate the experience of being there, the emotion I felt in witnessing the moment.

I hope you will enjoy the photographs. More, I hope they will inspire you, if you can, to go out and look for yourself. To notice your own surroundings. To pause and wonder at the complexity and beauty even of tiny things. To ask the child's questions - what and why and how - and follow the questions where they lead.