Hi Gilbert, as promised I've popped by to see your photos and have found many to my liking though I am disappointed that none from Yorkshire are here yet.

Hope you enjoyed your time in my part of the world and it was lovely to meet you at Kilnsey

regards, Sam
Your every album is truly hypnotizing :)
INCREDIBLE!! Thank you for sharing your gift of capturing God's beautiful creation. I shared one of your photos on my facebook page--I just can get enough of looking at it--it's so beautiful! May God's continued blessing be upon you!
Jacky Cully(non-registered)
Love seeing your work, you have a great gift from God in your photography.
Kim Clancy(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning.......all of them!
Patrick O'Halloran(non-registered)
your work is absolutely captivating. I love how you use light to set the mood in each photograph. As the slide show displayed you work, each photograph was unique and really drew me into the photos. You have a very special God breathed talent. Thank you for sharing it.
If I may ask, what type of camera and lens do you prefer? Do you filter some of the shots or are they all natural?
P.S. - you daughter and son-in-law also have an amazing gift of music. Wow, what a family!!
Donna Jo Miller(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your talent/work.
I would truly love to have each of your photographs
to paint. You capture such depth and beauty in each of them.

God bless you.

Cecile Yap(non-registered)
You are blessed to live in that part of the world and you are a gifted photographer.
Cherry Hamilton(non-registered)
Hi Gilbert,

I was doing the photography this week for an event at which your brother John was speaking. He recommended your website. I have to say, you take stunning photographs. Really breath-taking!!!

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