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A journey of photographic artistry

Experience the Causeway Coast with Steven Hanna

I need to begin with a disclaimer: I know Steven Hanna, not just as an excellent photographer but also as a great friend and photography companion. Over recent years we have travelled the length and breadth of the country together, seeking to capture its beauty. I have learned so much from him.

Steven loves the light at both ends of the day. He also loves mean, moody and misty weather! And he is a master of composition and subtle use of colour. These factors combine to create a photographic vision of a magnificent coastline which hundreds of thousands visit every year but few ever truly see.

As we follow Steven on his many journeys with his camera we will experience the timeless essence of a rugged, windswept coastline, with its iconic castles, dramatic cliffs and magnificent beaches. His personal notes that accompany the photographs add greatly both to our knowledge of the individual locations and Steven’s photographic artistry.

One of the attractions of this book is that we get to see the impact of different lighting and weather conditions on the same location. For example Mussenden Temple features in a number of photographs, but it looks totally different each time.

And the sea is of course (almost) ever present. In Steven’s vision the sea is often calm, almost ethereal, contrasting vividly with the coarse rock formation and jutting headlands.

Not to be missed are a number of ‘nightscapes’, as the Milky Way arches over Ballintoy (double spread p60-61), or the moon casts its silvery light on Elephant rock (p64) or the Aurora dances over Mussenden Temple (p113), or the stars swirl over Ballintoy Parish Church.

This is a wonderful book, the best of its kind of the Causeway Coast. It is Steven’s fourth book of landscape photography in Ireland. If you have ever visited the Causeway Coast, or would like to, or are an ex-pat or just a lover of good landscape photography, this is a book for you.

Two times winner of the PPANI Landscape Photographer of the Year award, Steven continues to develop his photographic art not just on the Causeway Coast, but also throughout Ireland, Scotland and Iceland. I encourage you to check out his recent work on his website:

Gilbert Lennox